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Christian Maher, Managing Partner, Oakley Advisory
"The Oakley team is comprised of a group of highly talented and respected individuals. Our aim is to be Europe’s leading independent corporate finance firm in the industry sectors in which we operate"
Christian Maher, Managing Partner, Oakley Advisory

Oakley Advisory was formed in 2016 by Chris Godsmark and Christian Maher, who for the previous 8 years had built up Oakley Capital Corporate Finance (which was a division of Oakley Capital Limited). During that time, the Oakley Advisory team have completed circa 100 transactions including M&A deals, fundraisings and IPOs and established itself as one of the leading independent European corporate finance firms. Through Oakley Advisory, the team and the range of deals has continued to expand, including high growth earlier stage fundraisings. Oakley Advisory continues to provide long term, relationship-based, advice through the life-cycle of clients and prides itself on the close, strategic, relationships it has fostered and innovative deals which the firm has originated.